Finance over Democracy: Why we need to rethink our way of governing the European Union

The European Union has since its creation in 1992 never been as much criticised as nowadays. The idea of a communitarian Europe has evolved into an idealistic and unreal concept far from the reality of disputing and divided European States. The increasing hostility towards the EU has various reasons leading to the outcome that Europeans out of desperation and anger are not willing anymore to support the European formation as a whole. Citizens have lost their trust in the institutions as they feel misunderstood and insufficiently represented in their interests. As a consequence, communitarianism in Europe is largely endangered by nationalist and extremist tendencies which have witnessed a tremendous rise over the last few years, largely profiting from the delicate political and financial situation many European countries find themselves in.

We are in this development going to analyse the reasons for this rise of anti-communitarianism and going to seek for solutions regarding the necessary response the European Union has to give to regain confidence among its citizens. Continue reading